2023 KODIAK APEX 4PR taking Pre Orders

Power Type: Lithium-Ion // Seating: 4 Passenger
$13,995 $9,995

About this vehicle

Kodiak EV
Power Type:
Apex 4PR
Port St Lucie FL


The KODIAK APEX 4PR are custom electric golf carts with various upgraded features and options. Here are the key specifications and features of the KODIAK APEX models:

1. Custom Apex body: The golf carts are available in 10 different colors, and custom paint options are also available.

2. Upgraded Tri-color and Diamond Quilted Seats: The seats are designed with tri-color and diamond quilted patterns. The available colors can be provided upon request.

3. 14″ Custom Wheels: The carts come equipped with 14-inch custom wheels for enhanced performance and aesthetics.

4. Lithium ECO Battery: The KODIAK APEX models come with a lithium ECO battery that offers a maintenance-free option and an 8-year warranty.

5. Custom GUSSI Steering Wheel: The golf carts feature a custom GUSSI steering wheel for a stylish and comfortable driving experience.

6. Digital Volt Meter and Speedometer: The carts have a digital volt meter and speedometer for easy monitoring of battery voltage and speed.

7. USB Charging Ports: There are USB charging ports available in the golf carts for convenient charging of electronic devices.

8. Extended Roof Top: The carts come with an extended roof top for added protection from the elements.

9. NAVITAS 600 Amp Controller: The KODIAK APEX models are equipped with a NAVITAS 600 amp controller for improved power and control.

10. Heavy-Duty Aluminum Frame: The golf carts feature a heavy-duty aluminum frame for durability and strength.

11. Deluxe Light Kit: The carts have turn signals, brake lights, horn, and hazards as part of the deluxe light kit for enhanced safety.

12. Side Adjustable Mirrors with Turn Signal Blinkers: The golf carts come with side adjustable mirrors that have built-in turn signal blinkers for improved visibility and safety.

13. Foldable Windshield: The carts have a foldable windshield that can be adjusted based on preference.

14. Upgraded AC Motor: The KODIAK APEX 4PR cart is equipped with a 4kW AC motor, while the 6PR model has a more powerful 5kW motor, providing exceptional hill climb capability and overall speed.

15. Custom Hydraulic 4-Wheel Disc Brakes: The golf carts feature custom hydraulic 4-wheel disc brakes for efficient and reliable braking performance.

16. Flip Down Backseat Trunk Area/Storage: The carts have a flip-down backseat trunk area that provides additional storage space. There are also cupholders with a storage area for added convenience.

17. Onboard Charger: The golf carts come with an onboard charger for easy and convenient charging.

18. Seatbelts for All 4 Passengers: The carts are equipped with seatbelts for all four passengers, ensuring safety during the ride.

These specifications and features highlight the capabilities and enhancements of the KODIAK APEX 4PR and 6PR custom electric golf carts.

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